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17.01.2024 – Colloquium with Tanja Jungmann

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17.01.2024 – Colloquium with Tanja Jungmann

Location: ZOOM
Time: 18:00 – 19:30 Uhr

Tanja Jungmann (Institut für Sonder- und Rehabilitationspädagogik Universität Oldenburg)

Digitized process diagnostics with the EuLe app and adaptive promotion of early literacy competencies in the transition from early education centres to school

Early literacy skills represent core competencies for later reading and writing. They are acquired long before entry into school through observation of and interaction with literate adults. In addition to literate learning environments, individual language development levels also influence the formation of early literacy skills. Children with language disabilities are often at higher risk for later reading and spelling difficulties. In this article, the development of the EuLeApp© and the associated adaptive, everyday integrated support concept will be discussed. The general procedure in the support process is described and outlined using the example of the profile of a child with language problems.

Please request the zoom link from pina(at)fh-potsdam.de


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