Study “Digital an analog tasks & Quick numbers”


We are looking for adults between 18 and 99 years to participate in our study on number processing!

Ort: Campus Golm, Building 31, Room 0.04
Duration: approx. 80 minutes
Expense allowance: 15 €
Registration/Appointment: ki-post(at)

S T U D Y   I N F O R M A T I O N

Please make an appointment via for one of the available time slots or by email. This appointment involves two experiments. For the first experiment, we will ask you to mark positions on a tablet PC and, using a light block, positions on the floor. This experiment takes about 60 minutes. The second experiment involves walking a short distance and then solving simple addition and subtraction tasks while looking at a mark on a wall. This experiment takes about 15 minutes.

The experimenter and participant wear FFP2 masks when needed.

The experiments will be conducted in German.

Expense allowance will be transferred by bank transfer after the experiments.

Who can participate?
We are conducting this study with native German-speaking adults. The form for the required written consent will be handed out directly before participating in the study. Part of the tasks is to repeatedly place a small wooden block on the floor and to walk short distances, which is why basic bodily mobility is required.

Our research questions:
Please understand that we can only provide you with information on the research questions and background of this study after your participantion in order not to influence you before you participate. To this end, a full debriefing will only take place after the experiments.

Data processing:
The data recorded by the computer is stored and evaluated in pseudonymised form after the survey, i.e. each study participant is assigned a subject number. Therefore, data do not refer to a specific person: individual data and the study results cannot be traced back to you. Further information on personal data protection will be addressed in the beginning of each appointment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send an email to: eki-post(at)

Involved employees:
Esra Knorr (Student Assistant)
Dr. Elena Sixtus