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13.12.2023 – Colloquium with Iris Nentwig-Gesemann

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13.12.2023 – Colloquium with Iris Nentwig-Gesemann

Location: ZOOM

Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm

Iris Nentwig-Gesemann (Faculty of Education / University of Bozen)

Research with children – Challenges and potentials 



For research situations with children to be successful, a resonance space must be created between the researcher(s), the child(ren) and the research topic and method: shared interest in the topic, in the ‘matter’ on the one hand and enjoyment of the interaction relationship on the other. Particular challenges arise from the asymmetrical relationship between children and adults, the novelty of research situations in which children cannot yet draw on experiential knowledge, the variety of (non-)verbal forms of expression and a certain situational self-sufficiency of children that is not orientated towards research logic. However, these challenges are also potentials: as a researcher, it is important to critically reflect on your own framing authority and allow children to participate as much as possible, to provide them with a variety of ‘child-appropriate’ methods, to give them (and yourself) time to find your way in the research situation and make each other understandable and, finally, to trust in the possibilities of knowledge even in chaotic and seemingly unsuccessful research situations.

Please request the zoom link from: pina(at)fh-potsdam.de