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27.04.2022, Colloquium with Sabine Hebenstreit-Müller

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27.04.2022, Colloquium with Sabine Hebenstreit-Müller

Location: ZOOM
Time: 18:00–19:30

Sabine Hebenstreit-Müller (Honorary Professor University Halle-Leipzig & former Chairwoman Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus)


At the table in the day-care centre – “What the hell is going on here?” Insights into the camera-ethnographic production process

What does “camera ethnography” actually mean? And what can be observed and discovered in this way? Using the example of the video of lunch at the day-care centre, Ms Hebenstreit-Müller will give an insight into the workshop process of a camera ethnographic study. One strength of camera ethnography lies precisely in showing the small gestures and concrete interactions. It offers the chance to perceive everyday things at close quarters, to film them and to be open to the unexpected and surprising. The lecture gives a first impression of the camera-ethnographic production process – and shows how observing children at lunch raises many surprising interpretations and questions

For the ZOOM link, please contact: nadin.klueber(at)fh-potsdam.de